New Moon Ritual

A ritual is an opportunity to create a symbolical catalyst for change. The new moon is a time of initiation and fresh beginnings. It is the time to plant a seed of what you want to grow in your life. … Continue reading »

Full Moon Ceremony

Illuminated Souls, I am often asked about the energy around the Full Moon And New Moon and what ceremonies we can do at home to active the energy in our lives. Tomorrow 7th August, not only is it my youngest … Continue reading »

40 Days of Practice ~ Magic Mantra

Namaste Yogis & Yoginis … Thursday night Kundalini Class ~ you rocked!!! I feel inspired to share this information with you. If you would like to join me on journey of 40 day Sadhana, here we go … As we … Continue reading »

Yoga Nidra with Yog Sundari

What is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra, ‘sleep of the yogis’ is an ancient yogic science of relaxation. Yoga Nidra is an antidote to our modern life, a guided, systematic relaxation practice that allows you the opportunity to relax, replenish and … Continue reading »

Saturday ~ The Law of Dharma

The seventh spiritual law of yoga is the Law of Dharma, which states that every sentient being has a purpose in life. You have unique abilities and your own way of expressing them. There are needs in this world for … Continue reading »

Friday ~ The Law of Detachment

The sixth spiritual law of yoga is the Law of Detach­ment, which reveals a great paradox of life. In order to acquire something in this world, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up … Continue reading »

Thursday ~ The Law of Intention and Desire

The fifth spiritual law of yoga is the Law of Intention and Desire, which is based upon the recognition that at the level of the quantum field there is nothing other than energy and information. This quantum field, which is … Continue reading »

Wednesday ~ The Law of Least Effort

The Spiritual Law of Least Effort states that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease. If you look at the ebb and flow of the tides, the blossoming of a flower, or the move­ment of the stars, you do not see … Continue reading »

Tuesday ~ The Law of Karma

The third spiritual law of yoga pertains to karma, there are reactions to our actions. Every action we take generates a force of energy that returns to us in kind—as we sow, so we reap. When we consciously choose actions … Continue reading »

Monday ~ The Law of Giving & Receiving

The second spiritual law of yoga is the Law of Giving and Receiving, which states that the universe operates through dynamic exchange. Your body is in constant and dynamic exchange with the body of the universe. Your mind is dynamically … Continue reading »