Pebble On The Pond

On a recent walk with Luna, my little pug, we stopped at a still pond, with the innocence of a child I threw a pebble, I was delighted to watch the effects on the pond. A small pebble can cause ripples at the other end of the pond, a larger pebble has the capacity to create bigger ripples and once the pond had settled, throwing in numerous pebbles caused chaos for a short while, waves and ripples crashing into each other, changing the flow of their initial journey to reach the edges of the pond, a distant shore … Nature, power, beauty, individual or collective, this is life … What ripples do you create Yog Sundari? How many times has the direction of my pebble and ripples changed my life and the life of others?

We could see ourselves as pebbles, every action we make, every decision, every choice we take will send out ripples in our lives, effecting not just ourselves, people around us, the pond of our reality.

Small pebbles create small ripples, big pebbles create big waves, what we do impacts other people, what other people do impacts us, a fact of nature.

What is your pebble in life right now? An ever expanding ripple of love, compassion, courage, elevation, throughout your pond of reality, or is it sending out ripples of fear, hate, envy and constriction?

Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ … One person can change their personal environment dramatically, what we can do together is enormous, totally inspired by what took place this weekend at Standing Rock, a tsunami of peace and collective love, send your ripples far and wide, beautiful people.

Acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, peaceful gestures ~ How can we maintain this flow of energy in our lives and the lives around us? During yoga and meditation classes, I speak about being the Pebble on The Pond, how our ripples may travel beyond our time and place, but wherever they touch, we and others are changed in some way.

Every once in a while, like magic, the universe conspires and we get to know how, when and which shore that ripple reached …

This Sunday 11th December 2016 I am starting 7 days with this Instagram hashtag pebbleonthepond creating stillness amongst the chaos. Inspired by The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra and inspiring affirmations ~ join me, yogsundari, on social media and lets create a collective stillness amongst the chaos in the world.

Om Shanti Om ~ Yog Sundari

“With great respect and love I honour my heart my inner teacher” Mukhanda Stiles

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