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The Power of Stillness & Spaciousness …

The Power of Stillness After carving out a delicious five days of stillness & space with Judith Lasater, what I found arising was a state of Samadhi (bliss). Creating spaciousness in our lives and not just within the body, has … Continue reading »

Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training 2016 – 2017

Namaste Beautiful Yogis & Yoginis Would you like to deepen your yogic journey? Is becoming a yoga teacher your purpose in life ~ dharma? Are you looking for a new direction in life? If so … We would be delighted … Continue reading »

Sundari Ayurvedic Treatments

Sundari Ayurvedic Treatments available at Shooters Hill, Greenwich London Mukhabhyanga – Ayurvedic Face Massage An ancient procedure that will have you smiling with a visible natural face lift.  Working on the face, neck and head, this is a remedial therapy … Continue reading »

Winter Routine ~ Hermanta Dinacharya

The cold, dark, wet nature of winter makes it the easiest time of year for me to drop deeper into my personal sadhana. My winter practice includes more silence, longer meditations, focused home practice and change in my diet to … Continue reading »

Ayurveda ~ The Wisdom of Life

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word which means Wisdom of Life (Ayus = life, Veda = science, wisdom or knowledge). A consciousness based mind body healing system from India, cognised by sages & rishis, ‘great seers’, it is thought to be … Continue reading »

Surya Namaskar, a sacred practice of honour & gratitude

Surya Namaskar with intention, attitude, gratitude and mantra can change your whole yoga asana practice, personally I love to chant mantras within the asana, it connects me with breath, vibration and the healing essence of Naad. Honouring not only the … Continue reading »

What is Akhanda Yoga?

As our first Akhanda Yoga UK 200-Hour Teacher Training comes to fruition, this is the most common question … What is the meaning of Akhanda Yoga? In Sanskrit Yoga means to unite to integrate, mind, body and spirit becoming present … Continue reading »


Sankalpa A resolve or sankalpa is made during the practice of yoga nidra. It should be something of immense importance to you. Resolves are short sentences of moral significance to be embedded in the subconscious such as ‘I resolve to … Continue reading »

Loving Kindness Mantra

Loving Kindness Mantra Sarve bhavantu sukinah Sarve santu niramaya Sarve bhadrani pashyantu Ma Kaschid dukha bag bhavet. May all beings be happy May all beings be healthy May all look to the good of others May none suffer