Magnificent May …

Namaste Yoginis & Yogis …

Life is feeling full of opportunities and possibilities …

Change your orientation and be open to receive gifts from the universe …

So, I feel now is an opportunity for me to share something deeper with you. During my recent time of seclusion & reflection at the ashram, I had many spiritual experiences, visions, downloads, uploads and ideas … metaphorically they were like bubbles floating in my auric atmosphere. Occasionally I would ‘pull one down’ and explore that insight, what I didn’t realise was the interconnectedness that these bubbles have been integrated, and consequently, created a new WHOLE. 

Today the mantra we used in 21 Days of Inspiration was … Om Akhanda Hum, during the repetition of this mantra an alchemic reaction took place, allowing me to align my inner creatrix, recognising these practices are already integrated and ready to deliver a WHOLE new collection!!! So watch this space, as you know by now, it’s easier for me to stay connected daily through social media, Instagram and Facebook.

What’s new …

5 Elemental Flow Sequences, this morning in class I shared part of Cloud Salutations.

Shamanic exploration of Yoga.

Medicine Wheel & Yoga.

A Shamanic Journey to connect with our Ancestors.

And there is more to come …

Offerings …

13 Moons

Vision ~ Protection ~ Boundaries

Program running until October 2021

Next New Moon Gathering

Sunday 17th May 6:30 -7:30pm

Guidebook will be delivered upon registration

£108 for 18 months

Sundari’s Saturday Sanctuary

Via Zoom, recording to Vimeo.

I will be using 2 yoga mats if you only have 1 you can use a towel or a blanket.

Saturday, May 16th



Yogini in The Yurt, with occasion special guest appearance … Luna!

Zoom links will be provided upon payment or registration.

21 Days of Inspiration
Movement & Meditation
£21 for the Course
Akhanda Yoga
Kundalini Yoga & Crystal Bowls
Shamanic Healing
Private Session
Zoom or Face Time
60 Mins
Distant Reiki Healing
Private or Family Session
60 mins
Wellbeing & Self Care Session
75 mins

Peace ~ Love ~ Infinite Blessings xoxoxox

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