Thirteen Moons


Online Offering ~ 13 Moons

It is my desire and intention to reach a larger circle of women and create a container for healing, expansion and connection.

I am so excited that I couldn’t wait until October! Thirteen Moons will be starting in April 2020, as a special offer if you enrol for Wild Woman Wisdom your will be gifted these online gatherings before we begin in October, until September 2021.


Thirteen Moons

On the Friday before the New Moon you will receive an email with a downloadable pdf, this will contain information on the moon energy we are approaching, a list of the items you could use for our online gathering and your ritual.

We will meet via the wild wisdom web (aka Zoom). The Lunation gathering will be held on the Sunday before each New Moon, a live 60 minute online transmission, which will be recorded and emailed to you, incase you can’t attend or wish to use the content at a later date. Then you can perform your ritual on the day of the New Moon at your leisure and pleasure!

Thirteen New Moon Online Gatherings

Lunation                   Gathering Dates                 New Moon Dates

Lunation 1                Sunday 19 April                  New Moon 23 April

Lunation 2                Sunday 17 May                   New Moon 22 May

Lunation 3                Sunday 14 June                  New Moon 21 June

Lunation 4                Sunday 19 July                    New Moon 20 July

Lunation 5                Sunday 16 August               New Moon 19 August

Lunation 6                Sunday 13 September         New Moon 17 September

Lunation 7                Sunday 11 October              New Moon 16 October

Lunation 8                Sunday 8 November            New Moon 15 November

Lunation 9                Sunday 13 December          New Moon 14 December

Lunation 10              Sunday 10 January              New Moon 13 January

Lunation 11              Sunday 7 February              New Moon 11 February

Lunation 12              Sunday 7 March                  New Moon 13 March

Lunation 13              Sunday 11 April                   New Moon 12 April

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