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Friday ~ The Law of Detachment

The sixth spiritual law of yoga is the Law of Detach­ment, which reveals a great paradox of life. In order to acquire something in this world, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up … Continue reading »

Monday ~ The Law of Giving & Receiving

The second spiritual law of yoga is the Law of Giving and Receiving, which states that the universe operates through dynamic exchange. Your body is in constant and dynamic exchange with the body of the universe. Your mind is dynamically … Continue reading »

Bhramari Pranayama ~ The Vibration of the Universe

Bhramari Pranayama ~ The vibration of the Universe, the sound of bliss arising from Anahata, the heart chakra … I first experienced Bhramari Pranayama about 5 years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas at Ananda Prakash Ashram with Yogrishi … Continue reading »

“Union of Divine Beauty” meets “Bud of Divine Bliss”!

… This project started a few months ago, I was teaching the last weekend of Akhanda Yoga UK Teacher Training, discussing the importance of self-promotion, writing a bio, social media etc ~ I thought to myself ‘I really should update … Continue reading »

Perfect Health ~ An Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program

Yog Sundari is offering a four week Ayurvedic programme to Perfect Health, this four-step exploration of mind-body medicine and Ayurveda. The course is designed for the general public who have had little or no previous understanding of these concepts. Each … Continue reading »

The Power of Stillness & Spaciousness …

The Power of Stillness After carving out a delicious five days of stillness & space with Judith Lasater, what I found arising was a state of Samadhi (bliss). Creating spaciousness in our lives and not just within the body, has … Continue reading »

Akhanda Yoga Teacher Training 2016 – 2017

Namaste Beautiful Yogis & Yoginis Would you like to deepen your yogic journey? Is becoming a yoga teacher your purpose in life ~ dharma? Are you looking for a new direction in life? If so … We would be delighted … Continue reading »

Sundari Ayurvedic Treatments

Sundari Ayurvedic Treatments available at Shooters Hill, Greenwich London Mukhabhyanga – Ayurvedic Face Massage An ancient procedure that will have you smiling with a visible natural face lift.  Working on the face, neck and head, this is a remedial therapy … Continue reading »